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Mezcales Artesanales de Guerrero

Alchemy is an ancient philosophical discipline that combines elements of chemistry, physics, biology, astrology, semiotics, spiritualism and art.

The essence of the alchemical work was the union of sulfur and mercury to produce the philosopher’s stone. The correspondence of sulfur and mercury represented in the Middle Ages the union, symbols such as the king and queen, the sun and the moon, gold and silver, the red lion and the white eagle.

The Red Lion is a mythical iconography of alchemy. Alchemy previously considered a science is the antecedent of the combination of the sacred, with the mundane, mysticism and magic, are the alchemists those who experimented with grapes, wheat, barley, … to whom we owe the existence of the spirits, that’s where the adjective for this type of elixir of life is taken.

As such, the Red Lion is the gold of the philosophers, the drinking gold related to the evocation of the seven Planetary Intelligences and the Guardian of the Creator. It is noteworthy that, in all these magical practices, rather theurgic, were always possible after the achievement of the Stone of the Philosophers, which was used as an astral magnet to communicate with spiritual entities.

It is known that ingesting the Stone of the Philosophers or the Red Lion, drinking gold, can be dangerous for unprepared people, because those substances awaken what the ancient Rosicrucian Adepts called the subtle fires of the body (the kundalini). This is the reason why this elixir is reserved for those prepared and experienced those who carry the proper training.

The Red Lion symbolized the matter prepared for the Great Work. For us the product of 14 years of maturation is a Great Work of nature, the elaboration of Mezcal is full of mysticism and magic, nowadays many healers and healers use Mezcal to cure. It is an elixir that connects us with our spirit and our ancestors lighten our lives and open our minds. Come and share with us this experience of communicating through Mezcal.

First of all, we are enthusiastic people of mezcal, our drinking gold, our philosopher’s stone, our means to share and know each other, we work in the communities of the Sierra and Montaña de Guerrero, where we discover this tireless and untamed work carried out by our country people , the people of the maguey.

We are the third generation of mezcal manufacturers who have treasured their traditional recipes, our alchemy, to now show them and share them with everyone.


  • Do things with passion
  • Share what we do
  • We love what we do
  • Be grateful
  • Be aware
  • Be compassionate
  • Respect the enviroment
  • Practicing equity, we believe that we are different, these differences enrich us, but our coincidences bring us closer
  • Not being afraid of making mistakes means that we are learning to grow
  • Nothing stops us


Produce and market mezcal of super premium quality to satisfy the taste of the most demanding palates, incorporating in our product innovation in image to transmit to the world the culture of the maguey within our Mexican culture. We are a committed and responsible company with our consumers promoting responsible consumption, with mother earth and with the inhabitants of mezcal producing communities.


To be the producer of mezcal consolidated and recognized as a producer of the best premium mezcal in the world, through high quality mezcal that treasures the ancestral wisdom of the producers, where the sustainable and ethical management of the activities developed in the company is a lifestyle for its members, always seeking to benefit the mezcal and maguey producing communities with which we are related.


Our project includes the entire production chain, especially the sustainable and integral management of our raw material. Connoisseurs of the increased demand for Mezcal in the major consumption points we are investing to have a balance between our demand and the handling of the raw material.

We have a nursery that will be one of the first nurseries in the entity that tries to reproduce A. cupreata in addition to having a close relationship with the ejidos and communities of the mountains where our precious raw material grows.

We work closely with researchers to make our production process efficient reduce our carbon footprint in addition to taking advantage of all agave derivatives, we are working on the creation of biofuels in addition to forage and organic compost.


We are working in broad areas of this activity, with the communities of agave producers, with sustainability specialists, with companies interested in using our knowledge for their benefit, with specialists and lovers of each of the processes of elaboration of spirits, with people within the gastronomy guild that we will soon announce by this means.


One of the most important aspects of which we have asked ourselves very often is about everything related to entrepreneurship, we are determined to share with all who approach our experience.

Hoping that it will be useful, everything we can share will have the effect of improving in every aspect of our activity, all the great advances that have been presented have been made and achieved thanks to everyone’s participation, we are part of a whole, The vision of each of us will result in an improvement not only in relation to our activity but in our being, we want to share our learning and learn from everyone.


Just as the agaves need the rain and the sun to mature, we need all of you to move forward, for this reason we make this affectionate recognition and extend a thank you to all those who have contributed something to us. For us, your feedback is very important, so we ask you to send us all your comments through this medium, especially those who give us your support and encouragement to continue.

Moisés Calzada Rendón for teaching us so much about this elixir of life (QEPD).
Francisca Mancilla Julian your love and example of a persevering woman formed us (QEPD).
Ambrosio Mancilla Mancilla the being who showed us the wonderfulness of this land (QEPD).
Itzha Ruth Rubí León in this life and where we find many thanks for all your teachings, love and wisdom, you are always in our hearts (QEPD).
María del Refugio Apreza Vargas woman of sensibility and temperament (QEPD).
Raúl Rubí Domínguez your stories of walking and love of life have inspired us to continue traveling the path (QEPD).
Fernando you are a great teacher.
Graciela your candor is something that is rarely found.
Jorge and Marisol their warmth and intelligence give new meaning to the words, thank you very much.
Ana Julia and Mika are the most important reason to thank life.
Ana Celia: your wisdom and patience are proof that there is always a warm human being, your expertise in entrepreneurship issues are remarkable, thanks for always.
Juan Carlos (: @ BigOwl7,: bigowlmx) the best graphic artist we can have known your talent is unparalleled, especially a great human being, eternally grateful.


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