Our Mezcal

Our Mezcal

Casa León Rojo was born in the same way that germinates the seed of the maguey that travels carried by the air that crosses its pollinators, the bats, to hide between the earth and the rocks, there looking at the sun and waiting for the rain between the cliffs It was from the mountains and the mountain slopes that we were born as children of the maguey.

Walking through the communities and rancherías of the Sierra and Guerrero mountains, those people and those people with a face full of sun and talking slowly, waiting for the cloud, cloud that brings the water to cool down, to feed the land where the cornfield grows, that People who work the maguey from March to May, discover its thorns and cover it to make Mezcal.

Holy water that calms the heat and helps withstand the cold. Mezcal to celebrate life and receive death, yes those country people who live under the rules of the sun, the moon and the rain that shelter the earth with their starry night skies, is where our maguey (agave cupreata) grows with which we make the mezcal that takes away the thirst that tastes like sadness, opens our appetite and makes us talk about life with courage, blessed remedy.

From a very young age we walked through these paths thanks to my grandfather and ate the cooked maguey with its sweet herb flavor, years later I discovered the elixir produced with this plant that grows in the sunny and sunny fields.

To talk about Mezcal is to talk about maguey, to talk about maguey is to talk about the land and the people who make it waiting patiently on the hills to mature when their quiote grows and releases seed, of the people who let the wind pass and the rain more to ask permission to the land and to till it, to enjoy this ancestral distillate that keeps as many secrets as the hands that elaborate it.

Among the hills, in the middle of the ravines, small factories that were once persecuted and destroyed by the treasury but that resisted hidden and tireless, suffering extortion and sometimes the destruction of their rustic infrastructure and minimal tools for their work are revealed. Waiting is an art and the mezcaleros masters wait for the water filtered by the mountains and the mountain that becomes a spring to do the magic and give life to the muse that heals everything bad and serves everything good.

The environment is the essence of Mezcal is its particular mark, the master mezcalero is the potter of this great craftsmanship, the way the maguey assimilates its environment in conjunction with wood, palm, kiln stone and earth will provide the characteristics to each batch (the way the process of producing mezcal is called): its aromas, its color, its acidity and its flavors.

Mezcal is a powerful drink, power that comes from the long maturation of the maguey, it is a drink that tastes like rain, wind, earth, … in time and life.

Casa León Rojo produces its mezcal in the state of Guerrero in the regions of the mountains and mountains with artisan techniques that are mixed with the maguey kite (agave cupreata) to print the flavor of sunny afternoons reflected in the mineral, wet field and of gentle sea breeze.